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Péter Benyó managing director  individually Bank account No. Authorization: the electronic request for authorization in course of a Card payment where the bank issued the Card shall authorize or refuse the transaction. Authorization centre: the Merchant shall apply for the authorization of the Card Issuer to perform a Transaction; this message shall reach the Card Issuer from Simple through the operator and commutation system for authorization such as Authorization centre.

The Authorization centre carries out the authorization of the Transaction, i.

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Payment acceptor: commercial complex generated on the Internet that is an individual business operating on its own website, from the platform of which the SimplePay system is available. Suspicious transaction: successfully or unsuccessfully authorized Transaction which is considered to be suspicious by Simple in terms of the internetes keresetek g of Card data, Customer or Merchant abuse.

Abuse of the Card data: the use of the Card data which infringes the laws applicable to the use of the Card, the contract concluded between the Card Issuer and the Card Holder, any provisions of the regulations of the Card Issuer or the Internetes keresetek g Card company related to the use of the Card, apart from the fact that who commits the infringement, whether any damages occurs in course of the infringement or the infringement may be a criminal offence according to the laws of a state.

Card Issuer: credit institution which undertakes to ensure the use of the Card for the Card Holder in a contract concluded with the Card Holder.

Card Holder: private or legal person for whom the Card Issuer undertakes in contract to ensure the usability of the Card.

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Merchant: business associations with legal personality or unincorporated business associations or other business organizations which accept the Card as a payment instrument for the payment of the offset of the purchases of products or services in such a way that they make the SimplePay system available from the Payment acceptor and by the use of the SimplePay system they enter into kötvényekre vonatkozó opció contract with the Simple in the subject of the service to be provide.

Order: the product or service selected at the Payment acceptor, the offset of which shall be purchased through the SimplePay System. International card companies: international companies defined in Section XIX. SimplePay Service: ensuring the possibility of online payment via Internet, more particularly bank card payment internetes keresetek g payment service options specified in the present GTC. Via the service the Simple ensures the online money transfer between the Customer and the Merchant through the SimplePay System and the safety thereof.

Simple website: website operated by Simple which can be internetes keresetek g at URL www.

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Transaction: payment of the purchases of products or services effected by the Customer through the SimplePay system — pending on the payment method — by Card or by bank transfer. Customer: the person who purchases a product or uses a service of the Merchant and pays the offset thereof through SimplePay Service - pending on the payment method — by Card or by bank transfer.

The present GTC contains the general terms and conditions of the Contact and forms an integral part thereof.

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By accepting the present GTC the Customer declares that: a the Card used by the Customer was issued to the name of the Customer and the Internetes keresetek g is entitled to use it; b the Card is valid, it is not stolen internetes keresetek g it is not subject to any prohibiting or restricting provision; c he accepts the Privacy Policy attached to the present Internetes keresetek g and gives his consent to the personal data management in accordance with the present GTC.

Simple provides the SimplePay Service in accordance with the conditions contained by the up-to-date version of the present GTC and the governing laws.

The present GTC is effective from the day of its publication. The up-to-date version of the present GTC and the Privacy Policy forming annex thereof shall be published by Simple on internetes keresetek g Simple website.

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Simple is entitled to modify unilaterally the conditions of the present GTC at any time and to publish a notice thereof.

The possible modification shall enter into force simultaneously of its publication on the Website.

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The Customer acknowledges that Simple is entitled to determine at its sole discretion unilaterally which SimplePay Services and processes shall be available and operate in the SimplePay System. SimplePay Service is available to anyone who agrees to be bound by the provisions of the present GTC and gives the data necessary for the performance of the Transaction.

In connection with the use of the SimplePay Service Simple shall not charge any additional fee on the Customer.

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SimplePay Service is primarily available in Hungarian language. If Simple makes the SimplePay Service available in any other primarily: English language, the service contract concluded with the Customer is governed by the Hungarian language version.

The rules applying for shipping may be different per Merchant. In connection with the fulfillment of his Orders, the Customer shall turn to the Merchant.

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Simple shall not take part in the fulfillment of the Order submitted to the Merchant and shall not take any responsibility thereof. Simple is not a contracting party in the contract concluded between the Merchant and the Customer as distant parties on the supply of goods or providing services, Simple does not know the content thereof, therefore no rights or obligations for Simple are originated thereof.

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Hence, Simple does not warrants, guarants and represents anything related to the contract concluded between the Customer and the Merchant. Simple excludes its liability for the damages, delay, other problems or defect arisen from providing mistaken, incorrect or false data in course of the payment managed through the SimplePay Service, at the same time Simple may claim compensation of the damages it suffers as a result thereof from the Customer. Simple is entitled to verify the existence and truth of the Card data given by the Customer.

Customer acknowledges if he is under 18 years of age, in order to use the SimplePay Service and to carry out a payment within or to conclude a contract in accordance with the present GTC he will need the consent of his statutory representative.

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Simple is not liable for the damages and detrimental consequences resulted from the lack of the consent of the statutory representative. Customer internetes keresetek g full responsibility for all his activities undertaken in the context of the use of the SimplePay Service.

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The Customer is obliged to ensure the necessary hardware and software environment for the use of the SimplePay System. In case of the defective operation of the SimplePay System, the Customer, in accordance with the provisions of the defective performance in the Civil Code — according to his choice — may require the correction of the defect. If Simple does not undertake to correct the defect, or does not carry it out within 30 internetes keresetek g days, the Customer may rescind the contract and claim from Simple the payment of the damages arisen in connection therewith.

The defect instances which do not restrain the appropriate use shall be prevented until the release of a newer program version.

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In course of defect report Customer is obliged to disclose all information demanded by Simple. Customer is obliged to regularly save the electronic programs and files involved with the SimplePay System and ensure its safeguard. Simple ensures the operation of the SimplePay System only in environment legally internetes keresetek g and free from viruses. Simple excludes its liability for the consequences and failures arisen from unlawful access, inappropriate use, hardware failure, inappropriate operating environment including power failures.

Simple is not liable for any opció különböző stratégiák the Customer or third person suffered arisen from the data basis connected to the SimplePay System by the Customer, the data basis created in the SimplePay System by the Customer, the data carried in into the SimplePay System by internetes keresetek g Customer, solely the Customer takes responsibility for such damages.